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“Imagine the warmth and safety of your most trusted friend. Imagine doing something exhilarating, like jumping off a diving board into an Olympic swimming pool. Imagine being asked some of the toughest questions you’ll ever hear and not only being unafraid to answer them, but getting excited to because you know they’ll take you that much closer to your best self in your best life. Working with Rachel is all of this and more. She takes you to the hard places, but not without navigation tools. She welcomes you to the vulnerable places, but not without an outstretched hand. You’ll find yourself discovering all of your best strengths while at the same time realizing you knew of them all along. If a coach is someone who trains with their team all season to play hard and win, then Rachel is the coach of Team You – she makes sure you play hard, but she is 100% in your corner and knows you can win.” ~ A.F. MA, USA

As a certified professional coach, I am trained to work with individuals or teams who feel the need for change, personally or professionally. Coaching involves two steps: the emergence of self-awareness, and then the ability to leverage strengths and address blind spots. I will co-create this process with you, introducing you to concepts, tools and resources that will serve to move you smoothly and confidently through whatever transition you are facing.

With over 25 years working in international organizations in human resources and organizational development capacities, I bring a unique set of experiences to bear on what you are dealing with. I provide you what you need to transition into or out of a job; to develop more visibility and exposure in your organization; to improve the quality and engagement you have with those in your workplace, and to confidently address workplace issues.

My clients are business leaders and teams, expatriates and foreign nationals, culturally diverse teams, and individuals of all kinds who are hungry to change how they face their workdays.

Most coaching is done by phone, Zoom, or Skype. When you are ready to take on your transition, contact me for a complimentary information call.


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