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Rachel PetersonI have spent over 25 years working with human beings like you – people who wanted more from their lives and their relationships and their workdays. I offered them organizational development, human resources management, professional development, strategic planning, effective training, and facilitation. For the “resume’”please visit my LinkedIn Page.

I have the capacity to see immediately the power and potential in everyone I meet and what I love more than anything is to coach them and witness them growing into that potential. I practice Co-Active Coaching, a model developed more than 20 years ago by CTI that starts with the belief that everyone is “naturally creative, resourceful and whole.” My job is to be a catalyst for positive change by forming an alliance with you, providing a safe and courageous space, asking the right questions, and really hearing your answers.

Additionally, I take an integrated approach in all my engagements using my experience in strategic HR and OD (organizational development) along with techniques and tools from training, mentoring, professional development, and change management. I am particularly captivated by the knowledge that we can change our neural pathways and thereby change our lives. When you are ready to live a life more fulfilled with the knowledge of your own capacity, let me know –  I’ll be here.



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