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“The training program was really great, but what made it come alive was the way you delivered it! There are things you said and did that will actually help me remember what I learned here today,” T.T. ~ Tbilisi, (former soviet) Georgia


“Rachel enrolled us and connected with us immediately during the two-day leadership training; her energy was the reason we wanted more, even after it was over!” J.M. ~ Tijuana, Mexico

If you have the desire to grow, learn, and improve your life, you are already a leader. What sets conscious leaders apart is the drive to understand themselves, their motivations, and their impact – and then develop others to reach their levels of self-awareness. With the right tools, you can gain insight, live your life with purpose, and propel yourself forward through intention. You will also be able to build strong teams by learning how to have difficult conversations, enhance problem solving, and give constructive feedback.

I offer practical professional development: coaching, mentoring, skills development, capacity building, needs assessments, human resources solutions, strategic planning, and the development and implementation of training initiatives, among other things. I work with you to make sure training and materials are tailored to suit your organization’s culture.

I provide expert resources in all areas of HR, including the development and deployment of training initiatives. Additionally, I will work with your leadership team to drive growth and transform your workplace through organizational design and development.

I’m really about what my friend Vicki calls, “sustainable change, not conference room change.” So when you are ready to brainstorm and co-design the sustainable change you want for yourself and your team, contact me.


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